• Disab SDR-20T Vacuum Truck

    The DISAB TrailerVac SDR-20T unit is Truck Mounted, diesel powered mobile vacuum loader that is fitted onto heavy-duty chassis to handle dry material as well as liquids.

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  • Disab Bagvac 165 Portable Vacuum

    The BagVac is an electrical powered suction unit mounted on a rigid stand equipped with retractable legs.

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  • Disab SDR10T

    SDR-10T unit diesel powered vacuum loader mounted on a Nissan PKD 211 RN chassis can handle dry material as well as liquids.

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  • Fixed Vacuum Piping System

    Up to 6 outlets can be used simultaneously on our 800mbar and 400 mbar Vacuum Units without effecting vacuum power

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DUROVAC provides ad-hoc, short-term to long-term service contracts for the various industries.



DUROVAC utilizes its’ Disab SDR  20T heavy duty vacuum superstructure with 10,000 kg collection hopper capacity, fitted with ATEX and mounted on the latest 24,000 kg GVW UD Quester chassis for the recovery of heavy spillages.



Our team is the specialist in providing details of fixed piping systems to couple with our vacuum systems for efficient removals or transfers of spillages.


Durovac provide the Vacuum Services for the industries.

  • The growing needs for Specialized Industrial Vacuum Services
  • The specialist solution provider for the various vacuum requirements of the industries.
  • DUROVAC is dedicated company for the pick-up of spillages, transfer of material

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